Trusted, proven and committed leadership
How often does a career call for determination, hard work, trust, compassion and the courage to save lives? If you’re a St. Petersburg Fire Fighter, the job demands no less! Will Newton is the real deal, trusted by his colleagues to lead as their association president a dozen years, named Florida’s Fire Fighter of the Year by the Governor and Cabinet, founding a union of professional fire fighters, and serving as an instructor across the U.S. and Canada. But Newton’s commitment doesn’t stop at the end of a long shift.
He’s served as President of his Neighborhood Association, played a leading role with the Community Change for Youth Development (CCYD) program in Childs Park, and volunteered with the Juvenile Welfare Board and the Rays Baseball Foundation too. Respected as a tough negotiator, professionally accomplished, and committed to the people of his home town of St. Petersburg, Will Newton will be a City Council member dedicated to you, your future, and your family’s future!


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Will Newton is focused on building on our past success and making St. Petersburg the best city in America. I strongly support his effort to become our Council Member.

Rick Baker
Former St. Petersburg Mayor